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Board of Directors & Founders

Simsbury Historical Society Board of Directors

Joe Buda, President
Tony Braz, Secretary
Hugh Sinclair, Treasurer

Emil Dahlquist
Dennis Fallon
Kevin Gray
Terry Henault
Elaine Lang
Susan Ray
Paula Ryan


Valuing our heritage in Simsbury, we herewith honor the memory of the farsighted citizens of Simsbury who banded together to form The Simsbury Historical Society, Incorporated.

The original constitution and bylaws of the Society were adopted on December 13, 1911, the signatories being:

            Charlotte P. Crofut                 Nellie G. Humphrey
            Mary H. Humphrey              George Mitchelson
            Ella B. Ensign                          Joseph R. Ensign
            Mary Winslow                         Arthur E. Humphrey
            A. T. Pattison                           Lucius W. Bigelow
            Kate Stocking                          Mrs. Jeffrey O. Phelps, Jr.
            W. A. Stocking                        Henry E. Ellsworth
            Nellie G. Eno                           Mary C. Eno
            Harriette P. Eno                     Richard B. Eno
            Harriett S. Case





Simsbury Historical Society
800 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 06070