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Carriage House, ca. 1885 - Simsbury


Carriage houses were built to store horse-drawn pleasure vehicles such as carriages and sleighs.  Common until the early twentieth century, many also stored vehicle maintenance equipment and accessories.  Some included living quarters on an upper floor or adjoining space for household or carriage staff. 

Depending upon personal taste or financial status, a carriage house could be very simple or extremely fancy.   Many were built according to the design of the main house or current architectural trend.

This fancy carriage house was built for Adelaide Eno Wilcox (1840-1914) probably during the remodeling of her family home, Elmstead, located at 880 Hopmeadow Street.  It is an interesting combination of shingle and Queen Anne styles – decorative wood shingles clad the entire building and are not shadowed by deep roof eaves; mixed elements include a cupola, a small double-door balcony, and “Palladian” arched windows.

The carriage house was acquired by the Simsbury Historical Society and moved to its present location in 1969.





Simsbury Historical Society
800 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 06070