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Guard Booth, ca. 1950 - Simsbury

These octagonal guard booths or stations were used at the Ensign-Bickford manufactory site in Simsbury.  Because the company handles and produces explosives, Ensign-Bickford maintains strict security measure.  Booths such as these were installed at each driveway entrance to the grounds.  Uniformed guards checked in anyone who entered or exited the site.  During World War II, additional security was employed – armed guards were posted and parts of the grounds were surrounded by fences.

The guards also worked to ensure a safer work environment.  Matches were not allowed in the plant area; to be caught with them was grounds for dismissal. Ensign-Bickford employees could deposit their cigarettes and matches with the guards at the beginning of their shifts – or drop them in a box in the wall - and retrieve them at the end of their work-day.

These booths became obsolete as security and safety measures were updated by Ensign-Bickford.  The Simsbury Historical Society acquired two of the booths in the early 1970s to enhance its Ensign-Bickford exhibition and archive collection. 




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