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Pillory & Stocks, 1998 - Simsbury


Many early New England towns used pillories and stocks to punish unruly citizens and criminals.  A pillory victim was forced to stand with his head and hands thrust out in front and secured by boards.  A victim of the stocks was seated and secured by the feet, which were usually left bare even in winter.  Both devices date back to the medieval period and were used until the late nineteenth century to inflict public humiliation as well as punishment.  Victims were subjected to the extremes of weather as well as verbal abuse from community members, who often threw mud and rotten food at the victims.

There is no evidence that Simsbury used either pillories or stocks, but this fanciful addition to the site delights school children and visitors alike.  This pillory and stocks were constructed as an Eagle Scout project in 1998 by Troop 76 of Simsbury.







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