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School House, ca. 1790 - Simsbury


schoolThis school was originally located on Tariffville Road in what is now Bloomfield, near the present Old Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  At the time, this was an area of Simsbury known as Scotland; the school served Scotland North District pupils in Simsbury until 1843 when the area was annexed to the Town of Bloomfield. 

Mary Skinner is the earliest known teacher for this school. She was paid $48 in 1866, probably for teaching a single term of school.  In 1873, John P. McKinney was paid 25 cents per week for making the fire in the school.  About 15 children ranging in age from 5 to 15 attended this school at the time.  Average attendance for a three-month term was only about 30 days.   

The building was modified in 1826 and served as a school house until 1933 when it was converted into a single family home.  It was acquired by the Simsbury Historical Society and moved to its present location in 1970.





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