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Vintage Photos

Virginia Connolly Residence receives vintage photo display from historical society
Friday, April 30, 2010
SIMSBURY — Thanks to the Simsbury Historical Society, the corridors of the Virginia Connolly Residence are now lined with early photographs of Simsbury, its landmarks as well as its people.

The Virginia Connolly Residence is a congregate facility for seniors which is managed by the Simsbury Housing Authority. The building has just undergone a major renovation, but its corridor walls were in need of some artwork. The staff felt that local historical prints would be especially enjoyed by the residents. The archives of the Simsbury Historical Society provided a wealth of resources. With the assistance of Kurt Wilson, Archives manager, Patty Howland, Housing Authority Commissioner, and Nancy Britton, Resident Services Coordinator, donned white gloves and combed through many boxes of photographs to find those most interesting. Wilson put the selected photos on a disk, and the Housing Authority had them made into lovely black and white framed prints which now adorn the hallways.

“Historical photographs are great conversation starters with our residents,” said Joe Loewy, Executive Director of the Simsbury Housing Authority. “Whenever they talk about the past, a smile starts to appear on their faces and encourages them to share remembrances with each other. These prints will be enjoyed immensely by our residents and guests alike.”

Nancy Britton, Resident Services Coordinator, added, “Several of our residents are natives of Simsbury and the local prints have brought back pleasant memories of growing up in this town.”

Virginia Connolly resident Josephine Ferraresso shared that her father worked on Eno Farm and she was raised there. I have always felt that we reach our comfort zone when surrounded by familiar things, and seeing history in a photo works for many.”

The Virginia Connolly Residence is a 40-unit congregate and assisted-living facility, committed to providing a safe, caring environment, allowing residents to maintain and prolong their independent living status. The non-profit Simsbury Housing Authority also manages the Dr. Owen L. Murphy Apartments, consisting of 70 garden-style units for seniors or persons with disabilities. Both properties are located at 1600 Hopmeadow St. in Simsbury.

For more information, contact Executive Director Joe Loewy at (860) 658-1147 or view their brochures online at www.simsbury-ct.gov/Public_Documents/SimsburyCT_Housing/index.

The Simsbury Historical Society and the Phelps Tavern Museum’s archives are open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from noon until 4 p.m.; calling ahead is recommended so that staff can better assist you. For more information contact info@simsburyhistory.org, archives@simsburyhistory.org or call (860) 658-2500.




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