Board of Directors & Founders

Simsbury Historical Society Board of Directors

Bob Moody, President
Kevin Gray, Vice-President and Secretary
Hugh Sinclair, Treasurer

Allen Bradford
Joe Buda
Joe Campolieta
Nancy Grandin
Sarah Hsieh
Ashley Mercer-Schwitter
Rob Poutasse
Susan Ray


Valuing our heritage in Simsbury, we herewith honor the memory of the farsighted citizens of Simsbury who banded together to form The Simsbury Historical Society, Incorporated.

The original constitution and bylaws of the Society were adopted on December 13, 1911, the signatories being:

Harriett S. Case
Charlotte P. Crofut
Lucius W. Bigelow
Henry E. Ellsworth
Harriette P. Eno
Mary C. Eno
Nellie G. Eno
Richard B. Eno
Ella B. Ensign
Joseph R. Ensign
Arthur E. Humphrey
Mary H. Humphrey
Nellie G. Humphrey
George Mitchelson
A. T. Pattison
Mrs. Jeffrey O. Phelps, Jr.
Kate Stocking
W. A. Stocking
Mary Winslow

The Simsbury Historical Society is a non-profit organization that depends upon your support. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts in preserving Simsbury's rich history. If you're interested in becoming a member of the Simsbury Historical Society, please visit our Membership page.