Mission & Vision


The mission of the Simsbury Historical Society is to preserve and promote the rich history of Simsbury through programs and educational experiences that enhance historical perspective and build on community pride.

Goals and Vision Statements

1. Increase Community Awareness and Involvement

  • SHS will be an important center of community engagement with history and heritage by residents of the greater Simsbury region
  • SHS will be engaged in a variety of strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to advance its mission
  • SHS will be a recommended attraction for visitors to the area
  • SHS will have a large and well-trained volunteer corps at a variety of age levels that will be involved in every area of Museum activity
  • SHS will be known for its exemplary standards of welcome and hospitality

2. Expand Programs and Optimize Collection

  • SHS will be known for delivering innovative, engaging, content-rich public programs that are mission driven and audience focused
  • SHS collection material will be consistent with Mission, well housed and fully inventoried
  • SHS will be seen as an important educational resource by K-12 school districts throughout the region
  • SHS will use internet technologies to provide information about its programs, access to its collections, and to create an online community of people interested in Simsbury history
  • SHS will have an active program of providing advice and expertise to private restoration and preservation efforts
  • SHS will be the sponsor and venue for at least one signature event each year that is both Mission driven and actively involves the local Simsbury community and visitors to the area

3. Strengthen Financial Security

  • SHS will have sufficient contributed support and earned revenue to sustain its ongoing operating costs as well as desired program and infrastructure improvements
  • SHS will have significantly increased its endowment fund

4. Improve Organizational Effectiveness

  • SHS will be recognized by the community as a well managed organization
  • SHS will have sufficient and appropriate staff to carry out its programs and activities effectively and efficiently
  • SHS will meet all legal and ethical guidelines
  • SHS will be an accredited museum.

The Simsbury Historical Society is a non-profit organization that depends upon your support. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts in preserving Simsbury's rich history. If you're interested in becoming a member of the Simsbury Historical Society, please visit our Membership page.