Simsbury Trivia Quiz Answers

1. What section of Simsbury was once known as “The Falls”?  |  Answer: Tariffville

2. Where is the historic “Minister’s Well” located?  |  Answer: Behind Bank of America

3. Simsbury was burned by the Indians in what year?  |  Answer: 1676

4. The Fountain in Weatogue was built in memory of?  |  Answer: Dr. Roderick White

5. The Simsbury Casino was located where what building is now?  |  Answer: Eno Memorial

6. The great fire that destroyed the mill and many homes in Tariffville was in what year?  |  Answer: 1867

7. Which of the following towns was not originally part of Simsbury?  |  Answer: Avon

8. The Farmington River was originally known as?  |  Answer: The Tunxis River

9. The first  area settled in Simsbury was?  |  Answer: Terry’s Plain

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